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Adapter plugs

  • UK-Nato jack to US-Nato plug
  • US-Nato jack to UK-Nato plug
  • US-Nato jack to BOSE plug

Downlead extension

  • Downlead extension cord - straight
  • Downlead extension cord - coiled

Inline amplifiers

  • Inline amplifier adapter (converts a dynamic microphone signal to electret)

 Inline Push-to-talk button

  • Inline PTT button with belt clip
  • US-NATO plug
  • Waterproof (Model: FL5000)

SH and Gallet Upgrade kits

The following items are available for SH-5 and Gallet LH250 and Gallet L150 helmets.

Liners (A)

Testing shows transmitted impact loads were reduced 25-35% in a helmet equipped with Helmet Liner compared to the original helmet. Visco-elastic foam sewn into cool, washable wear-resistant fabric. Eliminates top-of-head hot spots. Self-wicking fabric controls heat buildup by evaporative cooling of perspiration.  Eliminates "bob and roll" when mounting external equipment. Lighter weight than other liners. Fitting only takes a few minutes. Testing shows Helmet liner reduces skin temperature  1.5įF compared to existing liner systems.

  • Confor liner for Gallet helmets (A)
  • Bubble or leather confor liner for SH-5 helmets

Ear cushions (B)

Conform to your head and eyewear. 200-300% more volume for total comfort. Temperature and pressure sensitive, two-part  visco-elastic foam core. Smooth, soft, washable synthetic leather coverings. Flange and/or adhesive mounting for plastic earcup, depending on applications. Original ear seals are replaced with the Ear Cushions.

Earseal covers (C)

Keep your ears even drier and cooler and add to product life by slipping Ear Seal Covers over Ear Cushions. Self-wicking reduces perspiration buildup. Especially helpful in hot, humid climates. They fit loose, not tight like a drum (this is important because tight cloth covers produce pressure on the ear,  causing pain). Choose for 3/4" or 1-1/8" thick Ear Cushions.

Passive noise protection (D)

Testing shows passive earcup noise attenuation kit performs better in the 700-7000Hz mid-range where hearing loss occurs. Dramatically improves noise attenuation and intelligibility. Four die-cut visco-elastic foam layers fill all earcup voids. Turn down your radio volume! Itís not that you canít hear your radio  (even though itís on high volume) ó itís that you canít understand whatís being said in the voice mid-range.

Microphone noise protectors

  • adapted for M87
  • standard electret microphone

Helmet bags

  • Standard helmet bags (green or black)
  • Gallet helmet bag