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Alpha Eagle

The Alpha Eagle features an ultra-lightweight specification (weighing only 980 grams) and is designed for helicopter aircrews in a variety of operations including police air support, emergency services, forestry and crop spraying. The cushioned interior with simple, rapid size adjustment provides excellent comfort, fit, retention and balance, while the epoxy resin aramid carbon fibre shell offers a high level of head protection.


  • 4 available shell sizes
  • replaceable nape pad
  • Aramid/carbon/epoxy resin shell
  • rapid ratchet fit adjustment
  • uninterrupted field of view
  • excellent stability and low C of G
  • adjustable earcups


  • Impact protection - Below 300g deceleration for a 122 Joule (90ft/ib) input  energy.
  • Penetration  protection - Designed to stop a 4 lbs 60o striker dropped from 1 metre
  • Noise attenuation - Over 40db @  4kHz.


  • Single or dual (white or high contrast) visor
  • ANR
  • Built-in amplifier (switch from dynamic to electret)
  • Straight or coiled downlead
  • Peltor noise compensated microphone
  • UK-NATO or US-NATO plug


Available Colors

  • suede black, suede grey,suede sand

  • gloss red, gloss yellow, gloss white, gloss blue
  • Delivery
    • 10-12 Weeks


    Alpha and Alpha Eagle are trade marks, and are the property of Helmet Integrated Systems Ltd (HISL). the use of these trade marks does not imply any approval by HISL of any repair or retroffing service herein offered.